Danish, Master in Business Administration and Information Systems.

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Demonstrated ability to work effectively in cross-cultural environments, including experience setting up exam test centers in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Malaysia and the successful navigation of cultural differences to ensure smooth project execution

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Digital tools are important

Expert in Business Growth

Get the important insights and start on the right track from the beginning.

TP-Link N600 Routers

I have 80 of these puppies for sale from a previous project Still wrapped and new

GoTasty Motorbike Boxes

Selling based on condition, Have new still wrapped, slightly used and very used!

Always make room for business opportunities!

Stuff for sale

Customized Cake Delivery

Founder and Managing Director

Customized Photo Cakes

We work with partners in all areas making it a seamless experience to order customized photo and 3d cakes, delivered right to your doorstep!

GoTasty milestones

Create business model and build scalable e-commerce platform from scratch

Board of Investment promotion

Profitable SME since 2018

35000 Facebook Audience
25000 Line Chat customers

Contract with top end Hotel – Marriott 2018

Call Center service

Aimed at small restaurants, tired of losing margins to the bullies of food delivery services


gotasty provide the much needed relief in terms of knowledge and resource sharing


focus on your restaurant making food and we will do the tedious order processing for you without taking large margins


Your customers are yours!

1 year Fast Track

Accredited Degree Programmes

Education for professionals

Director of Business Developement

1 Year BBA

Higher Education - Business

Director of Business Developement

British College

British College at SPU

3 year program for students


Henning Biskopso giving a tour of campus

For student progression from highschool to bachelor level

Previous Projects


AllUnite gives shops the opportunity to attract more customers by segmented and geo-targeted advertisement.

Central World

Pilot in Centralworld, Groove, Futurepark Rangsit, Siam Discovery


Export to Australia

Project of 1 20ft container shipment to Australia

we love Him

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Speaker of Experience

Entrepnr – LINEUp Conference 2019 (Speaker: Line) Seamless Asia – Singapore 2018 (Speaker: e-commerce) Seamless Thailand – Bangkok 2017 (Panel: e-commerce) Bangkok Entrepreneurs (Only Speaker at event: Thailand startup) French tech (Speaker: Thailand startup) Webmob Thailand (Speaker: Thailand startup) Regents International College (Guest Lecturer) BNI Inspire – Network Education Coordinator (Weekly presentations) Web Courses Bangkok – Digital marketing professional (Speaker)

Teacher of Digital Marketing

Real experience

E-Book in minutes

Line Marketing Guide

Are you interested in learning about the latest techniques and strategies for marketing on LINE in Thailand for small businesses? My ebook, “Marketing on LINE in Thailand: A Guide for Small Businesses,” is the perfect resource for you.

What sets my e-book apart from the rest is that it was created using modern AI tools and prompt engineering. This means that the information and strategies contained within are not only accurate and up-to-date, but also specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Whether you’re looking to build a community on LINE, create engaging content, or utilize LINE’s features for marketing purposes, this e-book has you covered. So why wait? Download it now and start seeing results for your small business.

Web Design​

Full package


Expert in Digital Marketing
I can consult on best approach

Chat, bots, etc.



Google Ads
Facebook Ads


Google Analytics
Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager

Order Process

Call center

Proven Leadership skills

Extensive project management experience, including the successful planning and execution of multiple large-scale projects from start to finish

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